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Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. 

And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.

- Anthony Bourdain

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Flodesk is a simple to use, fully customizable email marketing platform. Customizing their templates to fit your branding is easy and doesn’t require any coding PLUS it’s a one price fits all kind of deal. So you don’t have to worry about prices going up as your list sizes increase. Get 50% off using my link!

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Okay listen, I have to confess. I mainly use Whoop to track my sleep. Okay and my recovery. I love seeing how much light vs. deep vs. REM sleep I had each night. And I love knowing my recovery % to understand if I’m going to be ready for something super active or if I need to take it easy and rest. It’s the wearable I didn’t know I was missing! Get a free month and a free band on me!

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Athletic Greens

Want to know the very first thing I do when I wake up every morning? I drink my 8 oz. of Athletic Greens. Yes, even before coffee! I swear it’s what keeps me feeling like the best version of me everyday. And it’s a major bonus that it includes every supplement I’ve ever taken in pill form. I bring their travel packs with me on every trip I take! Use my referral link for a free gift on your first purchase!

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The Global Adventure Packing List

This comprehensive packing list outlines everything, yes everything, you’ll need for your next expedition – from clothing and packs to gear recs.

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The Intrepid Journal

Stories from the road to connect and travel guides to equip.

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