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Hey, I’m Hilary – a travel photographer inviting you to stay curious, live big, and just GO!

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A storyteller & travel photographer with a penchant for the outdoors.

Traveling and curating photos are where I feel the most alive and at peace. I’ve been on a journey of leaning into a more meaningful, purposeful life, of listening to my inner voice, and paying attention to what feels good. The world of documentary photography has been my greatest discovery. It helps me see the world a bit differently, stay curious, and have a greater awareness of the meaningful moments that matter.

In February of 2020, I embarked on a 17-day Storytelling School with Photographers Without Borders in India, and it was here I realized the value of my own work. Fast forward to today, where Hilary Lex Treks enables me to highlight the beauty of our natural world, all the while sharing my insatiable love for adventure, connection, and light.

In addition to my work behind the lens, I partner with purpose-driven brands, highlighting their values, products, and stories in a whole new way that inspires their audience to just go. I also  curate my own guided tours, with Nepal as the flagship trip, often taking my clients on journeys off the beaten path. I’m constantly asking, “Where don’t the tourists go?” I invite you to join me in truly immersing yourself in a space, about feeling a place so intimately that you can pick out the little details that make it unmistakably unique.

Everything I do is to spark curiosity and to embrace the unknown. That’s what travel is, isn’t it? It’s time to shake the sleeping self, get uncomfortable, and feel fully alive. Our dreams were placed in our hearts for a reason. We have to pursue them with everything we got. No ifs, no buts, no regrets. It’s time to just go. 

Happy trails,

Hilary Lex

A Little About Me

Favorite Place in the World

Tucson, Arizona

One Thing I Can’t Live Without

My husband, Harry! He keeps me grounded and is my home.

If My Life Were a Song

Otherside of Paradise
by The Revivalists

My life in moments.

Journey Through The Timeline


Greece, 2007

I was living abroad in Greece for a semester when I fell in love with photography. My dad bought me my first DSLR so I could document my experiences.


Nepal, 2017

My first time visiting Nepal! This was when I met Amber, who lives and guides trips in Nepal. We would go on to be great friends and continue trekking together in the years to come.


India, 2020

I became a certified storyteller through Photographers Without Borders after completing a series of assignments with a women’s empowerment center in Jodhpur, India called Sambhali Trust.

Today, 2023

I made the decision to step out on my own with Hilary Lex Treks. It was fitting that I would return to my first love–Nepal. I remembered the joy and adventure that trip brought, and I realized I could organize future trips just like it. Plus, I learned the power of partnering with purpose-driven brands to create some rad content. I’m constantly telling my clients, “Let me capture the moment so that you can stay in it.” This philosophy continues to inspire what I do. With an experienced travel photographer by your side, you can be fully present, fully open to new experiences.

Slow Down & Travel Curious

Always inspiring you to trek off the beaten path.

The greatest memories are often unplanned, the greatest journeys uncharted. Reach back into your memories and see for yourself. While I do my best to plan for all contingencies, as any good travel photographer does, I celebrate those serendipitous moments of travel, too. It’s often when you take a moment to pause and try something new – that’s when you feel fully alive.

So here’s to the unknowns and undiscovered parts that are waiting around the next corner.

What Guides Me

- Human Connection
- A Curious Approach
- The Power of Storytelling
- Living With Purpose

Ready to Skip Town?

Experience something magical and join me in Nepal!

Just go!

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