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Breathtaking creative visuals for the conscious brand.

I’m always looking to partner with rad people doing good things in the world. You be the muse; I’ll provide the stunning deliverables that hype up your community.

What I have on offer:

  • Travel Photography
  • Image Licensing
  • Social Media Collaborations
  • Blog Post Sponsorship
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Creative Consultation

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Nepal Up Close

Time to get up close and personal with one of the most storied destinations on the planet.

Pack your bags and embark on a trip that challenges your perspectives, heightens your awareness, and deepens your wonder. Nepal is a magical place – perfect for the outdoor adventurer looking to shake things up. Together, we'll explore ancient monasteries and revel at the world’s highest snow-capped peaks. The culture, the mountains, and the people will change you. When you step into the valleys of the Himalayas, it completely expands your understanding of what majesty even means. 

You don’t need a camera; you don’t need a reason. Journey with a freelance travel photographer who captures the meaningful moments so you can stay fully present in them. 

Next Up: Fall 2024

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Hey There, I’m Hilary Lex

Visual storyteller with an insatiable love for light.

Moving through the world with a camera in hand, I aim to inspire fellow adventure-seekers to embrace the outdoors, pursue the unknown, and lead big lives. Inspired by countless documentary travels, from the Jaguar Trails in Northern Mexico to the Himalayas in Nepal, I invite you to take a curious, journalistic, and intentional approach to the world. There’s so much to learn if only we take a moment to pause and listen to our first love, our greatest teacher — ourselves.

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